Thursday, May 31, 2012

Black birds #02

Have you ever thought of setting up a business? Well I have in fact I have had several and I have sold them on for a nice sum.
black birds with blue heads
I have been a at Director level in 15 different companies all major names around the world and in some cases for more than two at a the same time. Now, I am sure you would be amazed if I told you that I left school with no real formal education and on top of that each of the companies I would for were all in different industries.
black birds in illinois
So you could be saying; OK Neill you may not have had the education, but look at all the experience you have had and you would be right, but then again you would be wrong. Let me explain. When I joined the 15 different companies I knew nothing about their products or their services yet I became one of the top directors within their organisation. So my experience was not a factor in my gaining the position, it was something else.
black birds with orange wings
You see I live and run my business from Cognac in France and in my court yard I started to have a small Black Bird visiting me each day after I left some scraps out for the 'birds' - OK so you left some scraps out for a bird big deal.
blackbirds tattoo
Well you see HE is the only bird that comes to my court yard, no other birds have found the food I have left and more importantly HE keeps coming back. Cognac is a town and we have about 20K people living here so it covers quite a big area and all of the land around the town is vine yards.
black birds with red wings
You see the black bird did not have to be educated about my food, he did not have experience of my food, but he did know where to keep coming to get the food.
black birds with brown heads
Then one day another bird arrived in the court yard with my Black Bird. You see after a period of time of keeping the food a secret to himself he was now ready to pass on the information of a ready supply of food. He brought is partner to the court yard. He was letting her in and by doing so he was doing it to Impress her.
blackbirds bowl
So now I have two birds eating the scraps I leave out, the scraps go a lot quicker but they both know were to come for food every day. They are the only two bird that come.
blackbirds in kentucky
You see I was not educated, I gained experience in many different industries but never specialised. I had knowledge which was a key factor, I may not have known about the product or service but I had something to give to the companies I worked for. Just like the Black Bird he had knowledge and that knowledge was were the food was that no other bird had found.
blackbirds baked in a pie
So setting up your own business you need knowledge not of education, not experience, not of how to go about it or even finances. You just need the knowledge.