Thursday, May 31, 2012

Black birds #08

I will share a very strange dream/vision I had, not long after Dinahh first appeared to me. It was strangely cryptic and I'm sure it was intended by the universe to be symbolic with a profound message, but it was so different from my other dreams that I truthfully didn't know what to make of it.
black birds with blue heads
After the dream/vision, Dinahh spoke to me. I didn't see him, I only sensed him and heard his words. "Catherine, you will write about this for others to learn from. You will write so they can see what you've seen." I wrote a blog about it, then, on my Knowing Whispers Blog.
black birds in illinois
The dream, or vision, began as other dreams I've had when I travel to what I've come to think of as a universal plane. Like Dinahh, this time, I was also a bright orb of light and moving up and outward, twirling, sometimes very fast. When I travel there, I can sense a euphoric softness surrounding me, like a whole-body caress, as I move through the swirling colors I've described before. There is no need to breathe. You and the air are one. You feel pure love and there's a feeling of being "home". This time, though, I traveled beyond all of that to a different plane. Instead of going to where I soar playfully among millions of other bright glowing orbs in the blackness, sensing a recognition with them, this time I was shown something very different and it was puzzling.
black birds with orange wings
It was dark and I was motionless, hovering near a very long oval table. All around the table were ornate high-backed wooden chairs. In each chair sat a large black bird, its wings resting on the table like a human would place their arms. Behind each chair stood an ethereal being in a white flowing robe.
blackbirds tattoo
All at once, in unison, all of the beings behind the chairs reached up over the birds' heads and gently helped ghost-like beings (that I assume were souls) rise up and out of the top of the birds' heads. As they softly rose, each soul floated up and off in a different direction. As strange as it was, it was also very peaceful and beautiful and almost like I was sharing an intimate rite or birth.
black birds with red wings
After writing this part, Dinahh again spoke to me. He said I was not shown many chairs and many birds. I was shown only one black bird in a chair with one spirit guide standing behind. The bird was me. What I was watching was an awakening, a rebirth, of my soul into awareness. There were mirrors reflecting all the way down the table to show me that this same awakening would also be happening to many others. This is what I was to write.
black birds with brown heads
There was something else strange in the dream/vision and I'm sure this was symbolic, as well. In the same scene I was witnessing, but to the right and way beyond the long table and chairs, this filled the entire blackness: There, was a giant figure in a white long flowing robe. He seemed to be suspended in mid-air, as I could not see his feet at all beneath the robes. He had his arms outstretched above his head and he seemed to be holding an enormous glowing white ball with an uneven aura burning around it. It looked to me like the world or a planet because it was turning slowly within his arms. This, too, was peaceful, full of love, and so beautiful and I had an overwhelming sense of well-being and pure joy.