Thursday, May 31, 2012

Black color #03

black color
LG KE850 Prada comes with a comprehensive set of software. There is a multimedia player capable of playing MP3, AAC, WMA and RealAudio sound files, plus MPEG4, H.263 and H.264 video.
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LG KE850 Prada surprised everyone when it announced, then started shipping worlds first full touchscreen LG PRADA KE850 phone. And did it well before overhyped Apple iPhone became available.
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LG KE850 Prada phone can be operated by fingers and stylus. According to the configuration and needs, both touchscreens can act separately, with lower screen being a control surface. Or they can be integrated as one big 2 panel touchscreen, with the ability to move different objects between upper and lower panels.
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LG KE850 Prada- Limited PRADA Edition Mobile. The PRADA Phone by LG introduces the world's first advanced touch interface which eliminates the conventional keypad. What this means is that the screen uses electroconductivity to sense your touch - much like the touchpad on the popular LG Chocolate. This technology is made to be used with fingers only. An extra wide LCD screen maximizes visual impact.
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It comes with a comprehensive set of software. LG KE850 Prada has a multimedia player capable of playing MP3, AAC, WMA and RealAudio sound files, plus MPEG4, H.263 and H.264 video.
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The most difficult part of creating a Black Sapphire is in the heat treatment process. Deciding which heat treatment process was the best was a difficult decision and required lots of research. Mr. Phimla, the leader in black sapphire treatments had some knowledge and experience in heat treatment of sapphires as an apprentice with his teacher. He had known for a long time that his teacher was the best and most experienced craftsman for heat treatment of black sapphires, but shied away from the limelight. After checking around for the best craftsman in heat treatment, it turns out that there were only 3 of them, all in Chantaburi province. All three teachers graciously shared heat treatment techniques to perfect a black sapphire. Applying the knowledge and expertise from all teachers, Mr. Phimla perfected his own techniques to develop black sapphires that matched market preferences.
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The second challenge was to find the best source of rough stones to make the perfect black sapphire. There were many choices: from China, Australia, Vietnam, Laos, and Afghanistan. It turns out that the best stone for black sapphires were from Thai and Laos, but they were quite difficult to find. Sapphires from Afghanistan were the least black. Sapphires from China, Australia, and Vietnam were similar in color and quality and were in abundant supply. Consequently, CBS sapphires sources are from China, Australia and Vietnam.
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After concluding the best heat treatment technique and source of rough stone, Mr. Phimla flew to Shianghai and Shingtao to buy rough stones. The stones were mined out Changlue subdistrict, Weifang district in Shandung province. The journey started with a 4 hour flight to Shianghai, followed with a short flight to Shingtao, and a 5 hour road trip to Weifang. The stone mines were still another 1 hour road trip away in the subdistrict of Changlue which is China's largest source of sapphire. This was a well traveled route for Mr. Phimla after having dealt with Changlue sapphires for more than 10 years.
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To buy sapphires in Changlue required a stop at a friend's house where stones are presented and negotiated. A decision to buy is made only after viewing stones from at least 4-5 merchants. After viewing stones from about 200 merchants in 3 days, the first lot was purchased totaling about 200 kilograms of stone. The products were shipped via air freight. Stones over 1 metric tons are shipped via sea freight.
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