Thursday, May 31, 2012

Black ops 2 #01

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Call of Duty Black Ops is one of the most popular and successful PC games that the market has ever seen. However, there has been a recent rash of reports of gamers experiencing problems while playing the game in their PCs. The usual complaint is that the game will start to slow down after just 15 minutes of runtime. This highly irritating problem will be typically caused by either your PC's failure to properly read a system hardware or some issues with the settings of your computer. This tutorial will teach you how to permanently fix this problem.

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The reasons as to why Call of Duty Black Ops slows down in your PC varies from case to case, examples of likely causes are slow Internet connection, hardware problems, graphical interface issues, and registry errors. To ensure that Call of Duty Black Ops runs at optimum speed in your PC, you need to know what system tools and settings to use and run.

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What you will have to do first if you are having speed issues with Call of Duty Black Ops is to update Windows in your system. This does not necessarily mean that you will have to upgrade to the latest Windows version. You only need to install the latest updates, patches and hotfixes in your system. New versions of PC games such as Call of Duty Black Ops are configured to be compatible with the latest patches and updates. So to make sure that your PC will not be system wise lagging behind, you have to regularly download updates from the Internet. To do this you have to use Windows Update. When using Windows Update, you have to first click on Start in your Windows Bar. After this, select or choose All Programs. Finally, click on Windows Update to get the latest patches from the Internet. If this does not solve this particular issue, consider cleaning your registry.

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The registry is one of the main causes of COD:Black Ops slow speed. It contains information that is necessary for the proper configuration and operation of several applications in your system. Unfortunately, most processing data that you will find in the registry are basically worthless. What's worse is that these build up over time the more you use your PC, especially if you are online most of the time. For example, cookies which are files that you can inadvertently download from web sites leave traces in the registry that are not self-cancelling. The problem is that this sector in your computer can only take so much and once it gets overloaded with information, can cause your PC to slow down. When this happens, applications will take a long time to load, eventually causing errors to surface. To remove redundant settings and files in your registry, you need to use a registry cleaner, which is a program that is specially designed for this purpose.

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The most anticipated game of the year comes with two special edition, and they are COD Black Ops Prestige Edition and Hardened Edition. The awesome game itself, "Black Ops" has been generating $650 million in its first five days of availability. Actually, this is not pretty much of a surprise to COD fans as the previous record belonged to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 which was released at the end of 2009.

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The main character for the majority of the game is one Alex Mason and players will play all the way through various points of Mason's career as he is a soldier, a spy as well as an assassin. Black Ops will keep players fascinated for the 7 to 9 hours required to accomplish the single player campaign as plot twists and turns within different and interesting missions. Yet for most Call of Duty fans it's all about the multiplayer and this year's episode does not fail. Treyarch as the developer of the game has set up a wager mode, which is obviously destined to be the star, with COD points gamers are able to customize their characters, ad ons, weapon etc while maintaining the standard Deathmatch, Domination, and Headquarters modes.

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This year's COD Black Ops Prestige Edition comes with RC-XD, a remote vehicle that is also used in the in game to destroy the enemies. The car equipped with camera and microphone which people can observe surrounding through. One won't really have to worry about rolling it as it made of a light weight yet solid high quality plastic. The remote control has a monitor on it to view the images streamed from the cam on RC-XD and it also a well made. There are 2 speed modes available, medium and high. High speed mode gives the RC-XD a significant boost and makes the RC a little hard to handle in a small space. Medium speed mode allows you to navigate the car around without difficulty and make use of the camera stealthy.

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COD Black Ops Hardened Edition also included within COD Black Ops Prestige Edition, gamers can have extra 4 co-ops maps, limited edition medal collectibles and also exclusive home avatar outfit. Treyarch also released several merchandise associated with COD Black Ops such as Black Ops Glasses which come in handy protecting the eyes from fatigue and dry out whilst playing the game, another cool items were exclusive mouse and also headsets.

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