Thursday, May 31, 2012

Black ops 2 #06

black ops 2
One of the most wanted game in this year, Call of Duty Black Ops has been released. Users complained that Black OPS lags frequently while playing. They also added that, the Task Manager shows that their CPU is used 100% while the game is running. In other words, the game uses higher system resources. No matter they are playing single player or multi player; the game still lags. It makes their game experience terrible.
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This article goes through the solution to stop Call of Duty Black Ops from lagging. Before going through the steps, I'm listing these steps here
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Keeping your computer up-to-date is always recommended. The latest patches help you not only for fixing the bugs in the software/ games, improving security, but also for improving the performance.
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Most of us keep programs running, keep files downloading, or keep files copying while playing the game. This apparently, uses higher resources for the running programs and background tasks, and thus, causes Call of Duty Black OPS to lag.
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So, before starting the game, close all running programs, end all unnecessary processes. Do not keep files downloading, copying or moving while you are playing the game. This will help your computer to concentrate on running the game rather than the programs and processes running in the background.
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I am thinking of buying Black Ops ProGaming glasses as a Christmas gift for my nephew this year. He loves playing games, he plays for hours on his favorite's ones, and I am pretty concern about his eyes, playing games in hours would definitely effect on someone's eyes. The eyes would interact with the screen, light, and the speeding images, and they would get tired and dry as someone playing the game in a long period of time. The Black Ops ProGaming Glasses are meant to be video gamers, and these are not just ordinary glasses.
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For gamers the eye-wear are vital, aside of preventing fatigue eyes these specific optics will improve visual performance while someone interconnecting with the digital screen. The Black Ops eyewear that I am thinking of buying also increases the whole gaming experience, whether you play the video game on a Personal Computer or a console. Certainly, playing game in hours - and my nephew does this a lot of times - would reduce the eyes endurance and certain optics are intentionally built to increase it.
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Special Black Ops eyewear that are wore while playing the game would also perk up the better and clearer vision and the detail pictures presenting on the screen. You can only get maximal excitement and the fun when you can increase effectiveness and get enormous accuracy of contrast shown on the screen whilst you playing game, the specific optics provide in gamers glasses like Black Ops ProGaming Glasses will increase the contrast of the images.
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My nephew hates to lose when he plays the game, especially Call of Duty Games, I suppose with the glasses he can improve his focus while he is "on the mission". However, the lights and the glare that are exposed out of the screen while he plays are things that I and his parents have been concern about, sooner or later these will affect his eyes for certain. Hopefully the Black Ops Glasses will cuts down the lights and glare coming out the screen, and the most important thing is that they can be wonderful Christmas gift for him.