Thursday, May 31, 2012

Black screen #01

black screen
When your computer has a black screen, the first thing you should do, is to stand back and do nothing. A calm cool and collected approach is needed and there is no point rushing in and trying to repair the error as soon as you get it. There is help available on the Internet with free information to help you fix your latest computer problem.
black screen of death
When this disastrous error happens to you, you cannot help but try and rush in and fix it. But stop! You need to research your problem before going any further.
black screen of death vista
One thing I can suggest is that if you see a screen asking you to start in safe mode you should try that. After an error such as a black screen, you should never choose to restart the computer normally. The computer needs time to compose itself and rushing into a normal start can sometimes prove to be too much.
black screen windows 7
The first thing you should do is to think about what you might have done to cause this problem. Did you install a new program? Or maybe you uninstalled program the wrong way? Either way it is better to think carefully first as this problem is not always a disastrous error, but can often be a simple problem to fix. It can be something as simple as leaving a usb flash drive plugged into your computer when starting it. It can also be a faulty keyboard that is causing the black screen.
black screen with cursor
More people are now realizing that you can find any answer you wish to on the Internet. Simply open your Internet browser and go to and search for your problem. If you typed in a search term such as "my computer has a black screen"and press search, you would come up with some valuable information. Other top search terms you could use are "black screen", "black screen in Windows", and so on. It is very easy to find information, but it is not easy to always find the right answers.
black screen on laptop
Trying to fix your computer yourself when it has a black screen can be great if you solve the problem, however in most cases a computer newbie can often escalate the problem. This is why you should not do anything drastic and research the problem carefully before trying to solve it yourself. I am not telling you to give up and take your computer to an expensive IT guy, I am just suggesting you take your time and not rush into anything.
black screen of death windows 7 fix
If you have experienced a Windows 7 black screen of death, then you might be facing a serious problem. When this happens, all you see is a black desktop on your monitor, nothing else. It would seem that all your programs, shortcuts and files are gone but they aren't. They are just sitting in your computer. The problem is the interface can't load properly due to errors in your system.
black screen on iphone
What made your Windows 7 screen black are some invalid registry keys, possibly due to malware tinkering with your system files. It might also be cause by some obsolete software you have that replaced your registry entries with older versions. Before you grab that Windows 7 disc from your cabinet and reinstall, read this short guide that will help you fix black screen problems on your PC.
black screen on iphone 4
black screensaver