Thursday, May 31, 2012

Black screen #04

black screen
When a computer user is faced with a black screen of death there is often no sign of what caused the problem. It is a very scary thing to happen to an average computer user with no technical skills or knowledge about the way a computer works. Getting a black screen on your computer is a nightmare but getting that and an amber light flashing is almost a good clue as to what it could be.
black screen of death
This is the first question that people ask themselves. The problem is that there are many causes and many solutions for a computer black out on the screen. Sometimes it is beyond the average computer user's skills to be able to fix this problem. However if you are seeing an amber light flashing then we can possibly narrow it down to a few causes that you can try and test out.
black screen of death vista
The first place to look is the computer power supply. It could be possible that it is not spending enough power to your motherboard to start your computer up. This can cause the black screen and the flashing orange or amber light. This might not mean that the power supply is dead as it could be as simple as plugging your computer incorrectly. It could also mean a plug inside the computer that leads from the motherboard to the power supply has a problem. Of course it can also mean that the power supply is dead. This is fine because power supplies do not cost that much money now days.
black screen windows 7
The next thing that can cause this flashing amber light and a blank screen is again got something to do with the lack of power getting through to the motherboard. For example a bent pin on a device that is connected to the computer or a faulty USB connection can disrupt and short out your motherboard. This can make it look like you have a dead motherboard but in fact it is a problem that can be fixed. Some brands of computers will show you a solid amber light in this instance but others show you the flashing light. This can confuse things.
black screen with cursor
Another reason for this black screen problem is that you actually have a dead motherboard. Computer components do die eventually and sometimes even before their time is up. Hopefully you have warranty on your computer and can get a replacement easily. There are many other reasons to have the blank screen computer problem and you may not have a sign like a flashing amber light to show you what the reason is the error. I do not like to call this luck, however at least you have a small clue as to what is causing the problem.
black screen on laptop
Like other laptops our Dell Vostro can also have black screen issues. You need to know the causes of this error and the ways by which you can deal with it. Black screen error is a critical technical fault that poses a serious threat to your system. This may result in the system shutting down abruptly, it becoming unresponsive frequently, OS corruption and disk crash. There are various reasons due to which the black screen error arises. The reasons may range from video driver issues to internal system problems that have now become serious.
black screen of death windows 7 fix
The most common reason behind the black screen error on your Dell Vostro can be due to hardware issues. These can be as common as connectivity errors. The issue might be with the connection wires that are responsible for screen display. You need to double check the hardware connections as this can result in black screen error. Also keep a check for damaged wires.
black screen on iphone
In order to deal with this situation you need to give the hardware a thorough check. The connectivity to the components needs to be checked for this purpose. If you come across any damaged connection wires then it is time to change and replace them.
black screen on iphone 4
Your Dell Vostro laptop is likely to suffer the black screen error if the OS is corrupted. System files are essential in the proper running of the applications if there is corruption due to internal error then you may face a black screen. The possible internal errors can be because of hard disk crash or even system failure. OS corruption can only be dealt with, by repairing it. Repairing OS is a complicated process and this can be handled only by expert technicians.
black screensaver
A black screen error occurs due to malware infection or a virus attack. These are potentially dangerous to the system. Malware infection is more deadly because it operates without the knowledge to the user and is responsible for corrupting the software. Virus on the other hand is capable of hampering system performance that eventually leads to black screen error.