Thursday, May 31, 2012

Black screen #06

black screen
Has your Windows 7 started to display a black screen or sometimes a blank screen? This error is quite strange and in most cases it has nothing to do with the virus and spyware based infections in the computer. Rather to fix Windows 7 black screen you need to fix Windows registry in the system and adjust the important settings in Windows. Only then you could find a suitable fix for this menacing error that does not allow you to use computer smoothly.
black screen of death
The problem of black screen can also happen in other versions of the Windows. However, the symptoms and effects of the problems in all operating systems are almost same. For instance, when a user starts his Windows, everything goes fine. But when he logs into it there awaits a black screen instead of the normal desktop layout. An average computer user finds it very disturbing and has no clue how to fix Windows 7.
black screen of death vista
However, the best way to find a solution to this problem is to fix the registry errors in your computer which become the cause of all major Windows errors and crashes. The registry in Windows 7 is a very important component of the entire operating system and it stores information about the Windows settings. If these settings are not adjusted properly then there start to appear strange computer problems such as Windows 7 black screen.
black screen windows 7
The "black screen of death" is a term coined for a specific problem that many Windows 7 computers seem to have fallen foul of. This problem is all down to the way in which many Windows 7 computers will actually not boot up because they will show a black screen after loading. This black screen does nothing - and prevents the core services & programs of your system loading... basically rendering your computer to be useless. Fortunately, there's now been a patch released which resolves this error for good.
black screen with cursor
The main cause of this error has now been discovered as a set of "registry keys" inside your system not loading properly. These are small files which store vital settings for your computer, allowing Windows to run as smoothly and effectively as possible. Each time you do anything on your system, or load up a program / software on your PC, 100's of registry keys are being used to help load up vital settings & options that your computer needs to run. However, it's often the case that many of these keys will actually be damaged & corrupted, leading to all sorts of errors appearing on your computer.
black screen on laptop
The problem with the black screen on Windows 7 has been pin-pointed to a set of registry keys which help your computer to load up a series of files it needs to run when it loads up. These files, for whatever reason, have not been properly installed on your PC, leading it to just show a black screen when it loads. Fortunately, a patch to fix this error has now been released...
black screen of death windows 7 fix
Step 1 - Download The Patch By PrevX - A company called PrevX have just launched a new "patch" which basically re-instates all the registry keys which were damaged on your PC. This patch can be loaded by transferring it to your system via USB / CD, and should allow Windows to boot up again.
black screen on iphone
Step 2 - Clean Out The Registry To Stop The Error Reoccurring - The issue that caused this error is down to the "registry" of your PC. This is a large database which all Windows computers use to help your computer run as smoothly as possible, and is a vital part of every Windows system. Unfortunately, it's also prone to becoming damaged, which can lead to many different errors, including the "black screen of death". To resolve this, you should use a registry cleaner to ensure that the problem does not happen again.
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