Thursday, May 31, 2012

Black ops 2 #03

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The time has come to reveal exactly what Black Ops Hypnosis or Underground Hypnosis really is. When you think of hypnosis an image comes to mind. This image is not what Black Ops Hypnosis or Underground Hypnosis is about. Nor is it about what comes to mind with the title black ops or underground hypnosis. It is more about persuasion than hypnosis.
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The black ops hypnosis or underground hypnosis site makes you think you will have magical mind control abilities over someone without them being any wiser. They will do anything you command. Parts of that is true, however it is extremely misleading.
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Black ops hypnosis or underground hypnosis, they are the the same thing, consists of four equal technologies. These four parts are language pattern dynamics, social engineering, hypnosis, and NLP. The only part mentioned in its name is hypnosis. People are familiar with the term hypnosis. Even if they don't understand it, it does pique their curiosity. Hypnosis is only a fraction of what is taught.
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First using language patterns and basic NLP techniques become the alpha in a circumstance. This means people perceive you as being in charge. Remember a time when someone walked into a room with total control. Every eye turned to see what they were doing. Maybe it was the cool guy in high school. You will become that person.
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Next approach the person you want to exert influence over. Find something wrong with their appearance, or make something up if you don't notice anything. Tell them their fly is open (if it is) or they have food on their mouth. Tell them you don't have time to talk, and ask them a question to settle a bet as you turn to leave. This starts a conversation.
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The next thing it teaches are some NLP rapport building, while you listen for key nouns you can use later. You can keep the person talking about things they feel are important. These key words will help you find what the person is passionate about.
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Next put yourself into a trance while guiding the conversation on their passion. They will be so enthralled they will go as well. Finally, now that they are in a mild trance, tie their passion into what you want to influence them to do.
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I realized this is over simplified, but you get the idea. The point is this. It isn't much different than persuading someone to buy a book on how to win the lotto. All it says is pick the right numbers. There is that much missing.
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Sound difficult? It is. There is a lot of learning and preparation to be good at this. So, is it possible to hypnotize someone without their knowing it? Yes. Have you ever driven somewhere and not remembered driving there at all? This is the same type of hypnosis or trance, and you didn't know it, did you. Have you ever gotten carried away talking on the phone and realized over an hour had passed. Did you recognize the trance you were in?
This is my issue with Black Ops Hypnosis. It only teaches a very small amount of the four components that make it up. It leads you to believe that simply by listening to a few hours of audio you will become a master of underground hypnosis. Being as very kind as I can, this is misleading.