Thursday, May 31, 2012

Black ops 2 #04

black ops 2
Treyarch has actually released two Call of Duty Black Ops trailers, the Uncut Trailer and a Debut Tease Trailer. The Debut Tease Trailer is reviewed here.
black ops 2 trailer
The Call of Duty Black Ops trailer has been released in a world exclusive debut release through GT or Game Trailers. Treyarch's Call of Duty Black Ops has been assigned a release date of the 9th November 2010. As general gamers and Call of Duty fanatics are focusing their concentration on finding out the game details from the trailer, this article intends to assist in this effort by recording whatever the writer has gathered from the trailer. Kind of writer's Call of Duty, if you may. The trailer specifies that the game is a PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii release. So, gamers all over the world, from Japan to the States can be a part of Call of Duty Black Ops. For the Xbox 360 version, Treyarch is selling the game and console separately.
black ops 2 release date
The Black Ops trailer starts with a cold and dark interrogation room sequence surrounded with digital screens and dynamic digital numbers on screens. The scariest part of the interrogation room sequence, is when the camera shows a surgical tray with cold surgical knives and scissors. The fragment of a conversation can be heard in the background and the fragment says something about bringing someone back to consciousness or to bring back lost memories to someone. The trailer then shifts to showing the lost memories that are supposed to be brought back or the memories that serve the purpose of the game. The sequence of memories describes the content of the Call of Duty Black Ops game. All the while, the machine male voice speaks in the background. The machine male voice speaks of the interrogation room that will "help you remember everything" and "something extra assist."
black ops 2 zombies
The remembrance that the voice wants to invoke is that of a violent war. The scenes describe powerful fireballs coming out from cannons and guns rattling out innumerable bullets. Assault helicopters shooting at enemy soldiers (or friendly fire?) from top and the attacked soldiers replying back with their firepower. The blasts are accompanied by people turning to corpses and the corpses being flung by the impact of the blasts. Not only soldiers but supposedly scientists wearing white uniforms also being ripped off by the blast. The Black Ops trailer shows soldiers facing their call of duty in a background of mayhem. The faces of the soldiers cannot be seen (they are wearing masks or they are on the other side of the light), except that of one, who is gesturing a cut throat with his hands moving over his throat. The soldier shows this and simultaneously a flying machine releases a grenade and... BOOM... the remembrance sequence ends.
black ops 2 perks
The Call of Duty Black Ops trailer ends with the voice ordering someone to "double the voltage when he regains consciousness"... because, "we need to bring him back."
black ops 2 leaked info
The final conclusion-the game programmers and designers have created a powerful wary statement. The storyline suggests a killing machine being rejuvenated to respond to the Call of Duty. The Black Ops trailer released seven months ahead of the release, it will be interesting to see how the gamer communities respond to the game demand created by the game makers.
black ops 2 leaked
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